Shadow Legends

August 11

The dungeon adventure continues…

  • Our heroes travel back to a pair of bronze double doors
  • There’s a message on the door that reads “Stay out, Really”
  • Inside they see a beautiful lake of lakitude
  • Aelar lights a candle
  • Frea calls upon her Mage Hand to float it across the surface of the water towards the island and back
  • Our adventures tie some rations onto Alren’s old long sword and drop it into the water
  • Aelar’s rope sinks 20-30ft and stops
  • As Alren and Yurana hold one end of Aelar’s rope, Aelar jumps successfully across the water onto the island
  • The water bubbles and a blob emerges from the water
  • Yurana and Alran help Aelar jump back away from the blox
  • The blob creeps onto the land, towards our heroes
  • Our heroes draw him into the hallway in hopes to flank him
  • Aelar deals the killing blow
  • Potion of healing (to Yurana)
  • sheild of protection: provides user & adj ally w/ resist 4 damage (as std action)
  • 33gp, 157 sp, 150ea XP
  • Wood message cylinder (to Frea): in it they find 3 sheets of velum: 1 is a map w/ keep of Shadow fell keep; 1 is message “don’t wet the nodule unless calorel is receptive; water will bring creature out of its dormancy and will kill ”...offer for you…. eager to buy humans as slaves….if you find any, send an envoy back to me” – sazgor wethi of Treethan clan
  • They head back to town and Lord Padraig tells them of his villagers have been disappearing by zombies
  • Graveyard is South of the city
  • They finally convince him to let them in for a short while
  • _ convinces Lord Padraig to give them a reward and he offers them 50gp to get rid of the zombies
  • Chant goes around the town asking if anyone knows about Calorel and the Treethan clan. No one knows anything about the Clan, but the heroes remember tha Calorel has dealt with the people of Orcus
  • Heroes approach a 10ft tall gate
  • Alren slowly pushes the squeeky gate open
  • Frea runs quickly runs up to the hinges and sprays it with lube to silence the creeking
  • Aelar remembers a tiny shovel he has in his pack and thinks about digging up some graves
  • They walk through the graveyard; Frea studies the glowing blue symbols on the ground and doesn’t recognize it
  • As they near one of the mosliam, flesh rotting, bone-exposed dogs, and skeletons start crawling out of the ground
  • Aelar runs onto the glowing blue symbol covering the ground, and hits the zombie dogs hard; to his surprise nothing happened when he stood on the blue glowing ground
  • As our heroes attack the skeletons and dogs, and elf emerges from the mosliem they initially approached
  • Aelar recognizes her as Ninaran, the rechid elf from the pub that gave them nothing but attitude
  • Aelar is near death, but Alren runs to his rescue
  • Frea, angered by the almost death of her friend Aelar, furiously shoots an acid arrow at Ninaran, piercing her belly
  • Alren deals the final blow on the last of the deadly dogs
  • Chant searches Ninaron’s (female, elven archer, body and finds: 39gp, fancy longbow (when he touches the bow, he gets zapped) bow is a +1 longbow w/ an evil past, sheet of velum (velum says: rec’d report on adventures, nxt time you see them, kill them)
  • When you go to the 2nd level of the keep, the pass phrase is “From the ground some magic was found”
  • The adventurers found no kidnapped villagers, nor zombies
  • Yurana questions Lord Padaraig’s honesty and feels this has all been a set up
  • They head back to Winterhaven to talk to Lord Padraig
  • With a warm welcome from the guards, they are directed to the Inn to meet w/ Lord Padraig
  • He give’s the adventurers the 50 gp
  • Lord Padraig’s invitation to stay and rest in his city
  • Chant speaks to Lord Padraig regarding Shadow Fell Keep
  • They go to Baronwen to try to sell the evil bow, he’s instantly zapped, but Alren convinces him that it’s perfectly fine, and is able to sell it for 72gp
  • They decide to stay the night and have an early start in the morning



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