Shadow Legends

September 24

The adventurers wake up in the Tavern, fresh and free breakfasted

  • After their tummies are filled, our heroes decide to head back to the keep and check out the 2nd level.
  • Pass through a forest and see a bridge
  • As they cross the bridge, Aelar hears a rustling behind a nearby boulder. Aelar notices a hot female teifling in the distance
  • They beat the wolves, and chase after the Teifling, into the thick fog
  • Alren tries to talk to Teifling hidden in the fog
  • She says ‘you don’t know what you’ve stumbled upon’
  • They hear a second deep voice giving them the same warning to leave
  • Aelar apologizes for throwing rocks at her
  • Alren walked through the fogg and sees a huge golden archway and what looks like to be some sort of bloody ritual. He recognized the Teifling, and ~4 other figure (humans) and 1 other teifling. There is a glowing mark in the center of this ritual, and 4 fire pits
  • Aelar thrusts his sword into the Teifling’s open wound, twists it ever so slightly, dealing the killing blow
  • Chant bites the female teifling’s eye, causing her to lose her sight and she can no longer see Chant
  • As the Teifling tries to run, Yurana jabs her in the crotch. The Teifling retaliates, bringing Yurana near death. Chant runs to help and is able to prevent her death
  • The Teifling female runs up the mountain
  • Chant and Frea chase after the female Teifling, up the cliff and into the foothills
  • Alren keeps the last guy alive, he was one of the guys that was under a trance when our heroes first walked under the golden arch; Yurana bounds and gags him.
  • Alren climbs up the cliff to join Chant and Frea
  • In Chant’s attempt to follow the Teifling, he sees something shimmering in the foothills, and he finds a Pact Blade
  • 5sp each
  • Yurana finds 2 healing potions, 17gp each
  • 170xp each
  • Chants recognizes the glowing the symbol as a Symbol from the Tyvellean Alliance (Dangerous Teifling Warlords); these guys were worshipping demons; which probably means the female Teifling probably left to warn her clan
  • The Heroes head back to the 2nd level of the Keep
  • 2 human guards standing infront of a 30ft deep chasm yell, “Shadows seek Shadows”
  • Chant yells the pass phrase, “From the ground magic was found”
  • During the mahem, 3 Hobgoblins run towards a huge caged spider and releases it
  • 228xp each
  • 2gp, 5sp each, (alren got the 2sp for dealing the killing blow)
  • fat goblin had a key in his pocket



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