Shadow Legends

October 1

Our heroes continue to explore the dungeon
  • They see a massive oaken table, but are instantly blocked from entering by an iron gate that fell
  • Everyone attempts to open the gate. With Aelar’s crazy strength, he is able lift the gate and lock it open
  • They find 4 bottles of good red wine, which Yurana quickly runs for
  • In this room, there is a double door straight ahead of them, past the table, and a small door to their left
  • All of the sudden, the double doors and the side door springs open revealing a group of hobglins
  • The tall one yells, to keep our heroes alive, and that they could be sold to the Treethan clan
  • Alren yells at the top of his lungs, “TRIUMPH!!!!” and attack the hobgoblins at the doubledoors to the south
  • Aelar runs to Chant’s side and slings like a mother fucker, and attacks the 3 hobgoblins in the corridor and kills them
  • Yurana runs to the side door, sloppily swings her great axe and ends up missing the two hobgoblins in the door.
  • The tallest Hobgoblin is angry! He runs toward Aelar and hits him with extreme force!
  • Frea runs towards the single door to help out Yurana and tries to hurl a Force Orb over Yurana’s head but it is extinguished by the humjidity in the dungeon.
  • With beautiful acts of teamwork, Alren and Aelar take down the Tall Hobgoblin
  • In our heroes attempt to finish off the rest of the hobgoblins, Yurana is knocked unconcious
  • +1 Vicious short sword, 76 gold each and…



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