Shadow Legends

Jan 22 - The Killing Continues

And so our story begins…

We begin tonight’s adventure in Winterhaven.

  • Our heroes think about what they should call their gang
  • Lots of ideas, but no final
  • (Chant and the Magnificents, 4 Adventurers and a Dwarf that kills fish, and 2 of Us are not Gay to name a few)
  • Recap: the sage in Winterhaven recognizes the map the heroes found on the Treethan clan member (who was the one who captured Frea’s fatherly Uncle, Arcamel)
  • They decide to go southwest which leads to the place on the map
  • Chant reminds the group that the Tyvelian Alliance are no good and we should stop them from getting closer
  • Alren does some research in the towns library and finds more about the area on the map: finds references to mines; it is tucked up in the Stonemarsh Mountains
  • The adventurers and their horse: Sprinkles, Horace, Horace2, Porous, and Clamidion head northeast on the road.
  • They find a road leading to some sort of a building
  • Aelar sneaks in to investigate
  • Alren knocks on the door, but hears no response
  • They slowly enter the house, and look around on the bottom level
  • On the top level, they see a granite table, crazy rug and a huge trunk
  • Aelar is able to pick the lock and finds: boots (boots of withdrawal) (, a staff (+4 acid and flame), gem of auditory recollection (used to record conversation) [pages: 105, 127]
  • they decide not to steal what they find because it would be immoral, since they do not feel the potential owner is evil
  • Channt finds note w/ the name of Raenar on it; he is a wizard
  • Chant feels magic pulsing from the room w/ a table/alter on the upper floor
  • Raenar turns out to be an old friend of Arcamel
  • The heroes decide to trust in Raenar and tell him of the map and of the Treethan clan who have captured Arcamel
  • Raenar tells them that Frea’s family never found Frea’s sister’s body, and Raenar doesnt know where Personet’s body is
  • He tells them that the Treethan clan has been very active, and they have a number of outposts/camps set up near by
  • Raenar tells them of Mirkshave, a warerat, was present during Frea’s sister’s death
  • Warerats are shape shifters
  • After a nice night’s rest, they head to the creepy forest that leads to the Treethan outpost that Raenar told them about
  • Alran pulls out his jug of wine and rides his horse, Horace, closer to the group of pale men
  • The men clearly have fangs, but do not respond to Alren when he approaches them pretending to be drunk and happy
  • Holdilocks is now a potential name for the group
  • The group of “men” ask Alren what he’s doing out here, and remind him that scary things are out here
  • Alren notices that one of his fangs moves
  • They demand payment from our heroes, but our heroes will not comply
  • They successfully kill the the bandits, except 1 who begs for his life 225gp and 45sp,
  • Yurana runs after the survivor and kills him in cold blood. Kord is upset
  • They loot the dead bodies and look at the necklaces on the pale guys
  • The necklaces weren’t anything special, not magic; Chant, Frea and Aelar take a necklace each
  • Alren opens the chest and springs a fire trap
  • 230xp each
  • They rest, and wake up around 8am
  • They enter into a dark forest, it is eerily dark for 9am
  • Into a creepy forest
  • They find phantom warriors coming out of the wood
  • The horses are spooked and run about
  • They defeat the phantoms, and try their hardest to find their horses
  • 160xp each
  • Chant recognizes the necklaces to be elven from the great war between humans and elves


Holdilocks? WTF? Where did that come from?

Jan 22 - The Killing Continues

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