Shadow Legends

Dec 20 Adventure

We find our heroes back in the lower level dungeon room, where blood floweth towards the center in a pool of grossness

  • The glowing circle/emblem in the ground is still dim from Chant’s chanting with his Plat. Dragon
  • As they stand inside the pool of blood, they battle the remaining 2 skeletons and the priest
  • The priest casts a spell, and all of the sudden, the 2 skeletons appear stronger
  • Aelar and Yurana are knocked out and slip closer and closer to death as their ongoing necrotic damage eats away at them
  • Frea runs to Yurana’s side and is able to stable
  • Alren and Chants’ kill off the last 2 skeletons with their fancy footwork and amazing teamwork
  • Aelar slips into a colma and dies in his sleep
  • Chant helps Yurana up and stablizes her
  • Alren ties up Aelar, as Frea searches the bodies and finds: a dagger and a rod; they quickly stash their loot
  • Alren has an idea: to pray for bahamut mercy and kindness to bring back Aelar
  • Alren and Frea are able to climb up the chains bringing their dear friend Aelar up with them
  • Yurana is to weak, and barely makes it up 1 feet of chain; she and Chant remain in the lower level waiting for Frea and Alren
  • Alren and Frea make it to the Alter and pray to Bahamut in hopes that he would raise their friend Aelar
  • Bahamut hears their prayers, and asks them WHY he should even return Aelar’s life, returning his soul to his life
  • Alren sings to Bahamut the praises of Aelar; Frea speaks of one passionate night she spent with Aelar where he (Aelar) disclosed a goal of family vengence he held
  • Bahamut asks them if they will sacrifice all of their magic items for Aelar’s life, if they would give them up and lay them upon his alter (all the while, a somber, yet uplifting aura fills the chamber)
  • After much hesitation, Alren and Frea agree to sacrifice ALL of their magic items, including Frea’s precious wand and amulet, and Alren Ikirus long sword
  • Bahumut once again, asks if they are absolutely sure that they are willing to sacrifice their items
  • They say, yes
  • Aelar slowly blinks back into existence. “Quickly. Grab the magic items,” he coughs.
  • While Yurana and Chant await their friend’s arrival, they meticulously search the room with the blood puddle. They find 982gp
  • 345xp each 196gp each
  • Alren inspects the dagger (+2) and rod
  • After the short rest, Chant finds dward poo and a small Onyx figure of a dog in his bag
  • He inspects the figure and finds that it is an “Onyx Dog” known to conjure a large black mastif
  • After they gather their belongings, they head back to Winterhaven with the news
  • Frea suggest the team buy healing potions, but Alren is dead set against “giving money to these assholes”
  • heavy drinkers, met in a bar, Frea, Aelar
  • FREA: was a twin, an evil witch wanted to kidnap Frea’s mom, but never could. Captured Frea and her sister Parsonit when Frea was 10. The witch ate Parsonate, and Frea ran away. THe witch sent her clan, the Treethins, to recapture Frea.
  • Arkamel knew of this, and took Frea under his wing and kept her under protection and taught her how to be a powerful wizard
  • CHANT: knows of a dangerous clan called the Tivelian alliance, and if their heading in their direction, it is not a good thing; he is slowly going insane
  • They have closed the portal that was letting in the evil
  • When they return to Winterhaven, the citizens are in an uproar
  • Apparently, they have locked an angry green monster in house #5, they need help killing and ridding their village of him
  • Alren remembering he has no weapon screams, “SOMEBODY HAND ME A SWORD.” An adjacent citizen hands him a rusty short sword that is unsatisfactory to Alren
  • Aelar rummages through his bag and offers Alren what he has.
  • Alren takes the short sword from the citizen
  • They enter the home, and it is glorious, beautiful and ellaborate
  • Chant and Alren look around for something to maybe “borrow” and sell
  • Yurana wonders is a precious mirror would be worth anything, but is reminded that it came from her purse and should be returned back… her purse (she doesn’t get stealing when she’s had 1 too many meades)
  • They continue to explore the house
  • Alren yells in Draconic, “blow yourself!!!!” but his Draconic was rusty and he really meant, “SHOW YOURSELF!”
  • They see the green monster and ready for an attack; Aelar pulls out his sling and flings a pot of fire towards the monster; it didn’t go off
  • The beast, the big green beast and his montrous green hands grab at Aelar
  • Alren takes a better look at the beast and yells, “It’s a bloody TROLL!!!! USE FIRE!!”
  • He has an idea: wrapping the Troll’s legs together with his rope, causing him to lose balance and fall, but everyone continues to attack the troll
  • Frea brings over her candle, attacks him and tries to set his hair on fire, but the candle just bounces off his oily, stinky scalp
  • Yurana knocks him unconcious; Frea drops her lit candle on him, but he still doesn’t catch on fire; Alren runs towards the front door; Chant tries his witch fire; Alren suggests we drag the Troll out while continuly hitting him so we can set him on fire outside, but Chant sets him on fire and fire comes out of his ears and eyes
  • Alren pushes the door open yelling, “IT”S DEAD! Don’t go in there!”
  • The villagers are thankful for their heroic efforts and take them to their storage chambers for the heroes to look through
  • Alren finds a Long sword “Harsh Song Blade +1” and is in love
  • Chant finds a flame wand (+1 that shoots flames and adds a +1 item bonus when use a power that uses fire); he hands it to Frea saying, “here…i have no use for this, but you might.”; he also found Serpant skin armor
  • Yurana finds a rundown horse and a Scalebane Double handed greataxe (that reptilian fear)
  • Aelar finds a Subtle Rapier +1
  • 80xp each and a really dirty cloth\
  • They try to decide the name of the group; “Chant and the magnifisense” is on the table, but Aelar and Alren vote for everyone to sleep on it and come up with new ideas over night
  • Alren suggest: magnifismells



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